What is God's deepest desire when it comes to us as mankind? Why did He create us? What was His purpose with man and how did He create us to fill that purpose?


The secret to these questions is found at the beginning of the first book of the Bible. Right at the beginning of His story as it is recorded in His book, God reveals the answers to the above to us.


It all begins in a special garden that He created with the specific purpose of placing man in the garden to keep him safe and to put everything around him that he would need to be sustained and blessed. It was a beautiful garden and it served its purpose well.


God placed man in this garden and He would come to walk with man in this garden. They would enjoy fellowship with each other in God's created garden. God so loved this place and the fellowship He enjoyed with man, that He gave this garden a very special and distinct name. He called it Eden or actually "Ayden" as it is recorded in the Hebrew language. This name Ayden means "place of delight!".


From the very beginning, God had created man for the sole purpose of having fellowship with man, these times of fellowship was so special to God that He called Eden, the garden where He had placed man for these times of fellowship, the place of His delight!


Today not much has changed. God still delights in having intimacy with His children. In fact, He so loves us, that He refused to allow man, whom He had created to dwell in His Presence and whom He had formed to be just like Him, to be separated from His Presence. John 3:15 tells us that He so loved us that He gave what was most precious to Him for us to be able to be reconciled (re-Unioned or reunited) to Him.


God's Vision in sending His Son was for us to be brought back to our original state and to His original design and purpose for us. He wanted to be intimate with us and He wanted for us to know Him in a life overflowing with His Presence (His Person, Kindness, Goodness and His Blessing).


When Jesus sent His disciples to go into all the world and to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel to all mankind, this was what they were sent to proclaim! They were to bring men to the place where they once again could be reconciled to their spiritual Eden. They were sent to "make disciples of all men" - Men and women who would rediscover their identity as being created for God's Presence, who would be reconciled with God through Christ, and who would as a result of their restoration, come into the wonderful place of being United with God in intimacy again.


These men and women would become "discipled" or true followers. Individuals who would freely give themselves to live their lives in harmony with God and with His will for their lives on earth. These disciples would rediscover intimacy with God and would live their lives in complete Union with God. They would become the "express" Image of God, as He, by His Holy Spirit indwelling them, would begin to express Himself through them in His Character, Nature, and His Personality. They would "bear the fruit" of the Holy Spirit indwelling them and living His Life through them.


Fellowship of the Believers is called to restore this purpose in the lives of God's called people everywhere. Our Vision is His Vision - "Go" and make disciples (men and women who would be reunited with Me through My Spirit dwelling in them, and who would willingly yield (give) themselves to follow Me"), and teach them all that I have commanded (taught) you.


Our Vision is to bring people into a deep and passionate, personal love-affair with God. To reintroduce them to this Living God, Who wants and unbroken romance with them for all eternity to come. To teach them how to live a life filled with the Holy Spirit and how to live and walk within the realm of the reality of God's Spirit in the experience of His Love.