The Organic Body

The natural course of growing from roots to fruits.


Some time ago the Holy Spirit simply spoke the words “organic” and “organism” into my heart, He connected these thoughts with the current day move in the church (body of believers), and I could clearly sense that He was leading me on a journey of discovery as to what He originally intended the church to be, as well as how He intended for His children to live and to experience His growth individually in each of them.


In 2015 the Holy Spirit began revealing the wonderful revelation of “Oneness” with Him, where we can experience the reality of what it really means to be “One” with Him, as described by Jesus, both in John 15 as well as in His prayer in John 17.


The Holy Spirit led me to discover that the entire salvation plan of God hinged upon this relationship and fellowship of Oneness, and of sharing a life of intimacy with Him in fellowship and comm-Union with His Spirit. I wrote a book at the time introducing the subject matter, called “Becoming the Anointed of the Lord”, with the emphasis being on Christ’s work being completed in bringing us into the place of being reunited, or “reconciled” with the Father, to share this wonderful life of being One with Him, and of living in harmony with His Spirit, as we find the rhythms of His Spirit to walk and live and have our being in His Being, every day.


I have, by a further revelation of the Spirit, begun to understand that this Oneness not only pertained to our personal life of intimacy with Christ but that it also very much involved our corporate life as the church of Jesus Christ on earth.


I would like to take the next few minutes, if you would allow me to, to lead you on a journey of discovering God’s intended purpose and plan with His church, and how it all begins with His initial work and purpose of making us One with Him in every area pertaining to ourselves and our lives.


When I began exploring these words “organic” and “organism”, spoken into my heart by the Holy Spirit, I was further nudged to look at these words from two perspectives – He said, firstly understand it from the point of view of something that naturally develops and grows without any incentive from itself to do so. In other words, without any self-effort produced. And secondly see it as something that does that because of what it is, and because of what has been vested into it to produce such life.


He then said in simple words -


Think of it as something that just takes off and grows by itself without any self-effort to do so. And think what it has that makes it takes off and grows.


The Lord led me back to the original thought He shared with me in His revelation of Oneness with Him, and how that He never intended for us to strive to be “like” Him – trying to live up to the standard of Christ, but instead, that we are called to be “as He is” in this world. The difference is as far apart as day and night! We were called not to achieve greatness, but to allow Him to reveal His Greatness in us! Not to try and be holy, but to allow the Holy One to come and to live in us and through us with His Holy Spirit, making us Holy as He is Holy! We were not called to try and bear fruit, but to surrender into Union with Him so that His Holy Spirit could bear His fruit through us, as we remained in Union with Him and He in us!


We were called to live in Him and to allow Him through our willing surrender, to live His Spirit-Life in us and to express Himself through us. The fruit of the Spirit was nothing less than Christ and His Life being lived in us and through us – His Character, Nature, and Personality would be lived through ours!


From the basic principle of understanding that God intended to live in us and through us, and that He required no more from us, except to allow Him to do so, the Holy Spirit began to show me a church that lives and grows organically, producing all of God and all of God’s will, and bearing the fruit of manifestations of the Spirit and of Living Words being echoed of His lips, because of her being a church living in complete Union through surrender to the One Who dwells in her, by Him also fully indwelling each of its individual members!


Suddenly I found myself back in the Book of Acts – And I understood why it worked the way it did back then – And why it does not work the same way today!


It worked the way it did because it was an organic church and a surrendered church – It was completely and utterly unorganized by man, ritual, and religion – And more so – absolutely and totally led by the Holy Spirit! The Life of the Spirit in living in the moment was produced through surrendered lives and in surrendered meetings, and God was the One working and performing His will and manifesting Himself among His people. Everyone was focused on God, and no one on a man, or on each other!


Everyone was lost in His Presence and led by His Spirit – No one “knew” another, they were all infatuated and filled with the Holy Spirit. There were no main figures – Only Spirit led men and women, who led others in the Spirit, by the Spirit.


This church was organic, producing the Life of God because it was unreserved,  and unopposed to yielding itself in complete surrender for God’s Life to live through it in an unhindered way.


The results were supernatural in every imaginable way! God, Himself was felt, experienced, heard, seen encountered and experienced!


So how could such an organic church come into being today, what would the implications be, what would our experience be, and how would it look and function?


Time has moved on, this is true. The world does not stand still and we live a millennium away from the times recorded in the Bible. Our world has ‘advanced’, or so they say. Depending on the angle of your view, this is debatable, it has become as much worse, as it has become a better place to live in. Technology had advanced, but so has it increased the carnality of man and stimulated the passions of the flesh. Many, or even most people, we may say, are living for themselves and for no one else. The world has become a darker and a colder place than it was one hundred years ago, or even fifty years ago.


But where does this position the principles that once operated in the church of Jesus Christ, has it to become outdated with our times and non-applicable in our world?


No, absolutely not, this is the beauty of the Bible; it is a spiritual book, written by a timeless Author. It surpasses all time and lives into eternity, from where it comes and where it’s Author lives. The Bible and its principles are timeless. They outlive and outweigh our world and our human times. This is wonderful news! Because it positions the Word and the encounters and experiences of others with God, as being as Powerful and as relevant in our time, as it was real at any other time, and it means that everything that was, is and will continue to be, and everything that was experienced, are still relevant for us to encounter and to experience!


So let us look into the Spirit and ask Him to reveal how and what we need to do in order to also share these same experiences, and above all, let us find out why we should never accept living outside of them.


So lets begin searching for answers to these questions by discovering what an organic church is not, and thereby eliminating what disqualifies organic church:


-      An organic church is not a branded body of people ritually gathering in a dedicated location.


-      An organic does not consist of a pre-organized program of order that is used as a pattern and formula for its meetings.


-      An organic church is not a group of people who are led by a single leader, or for that matter by a few leaders, who have control over them and who teach them year in and year out.


So what characteristics make an organic church?


-      An organic church is a fluent body of believers that gather together by the leading of the Holy Spirit, wherever the Spirit may lead them to do so. Its members gather together because of the drawing of God’s Spirit and Love, and not by obligation or as a ritual. It is a church whose identity is in Jesus Christ and who come together united in the Spirit to experience the communion of Union with God and with each other. This church may meet in buildings, outdoors, or in the lounge of a home. It is not bound to a dedicated building branded by a man-made organization and operated by the rules of religious institutions. It operates within the freedom and the liberty of the Spirit. Its members love to gather together in the Unity of the Spirit and therefore need a little motivation to attend meetings. This church is not defined by a name, a logo or a preacher – But is moved forward purely by the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Its leaders are Spirit-filled, Spirit-led men and women, who are driven by the sole passion of introducing them and focusing them on the Holy Spirit.


-      Organic churches are fully Spirit-led. They have no prearranged program because God is the program. They simply allow the meeting to unfold, as the Holy Spirit would have it be. They yield themselves to the flow of the Spirit, and losing themselves in His Presence, allow Him to direct the meeting, both in Word and in the operation of His Presence and Gifts. Organic church leaders and members understand that the less interference there are of man, the more of the Presence of God is experienced and the more freedom the Spirit of God has to do what He wants to do, the way He wants to do it. Such people want nothing more, or less, than what God is presently doing and wants to do. Whatever the Lord wants to say, they want to hear, and whatever He wants to do, they want to experience and encounter. Their sole desire is an encounter with the Living God – Without it, they have wasted time.


-      An organic church consists of a body of believers, who are all yielded to the Holy Spirit and to each other. They serve each other in God’s Love. Even the leaders see themselves as being in service, firstly to God and secondly to His body. There is no sense of hierarchy or haughtiness, although a supernatural reverence is natural and normal towards those whom they know the Lord has called to lead them, and they honor them as men and women commissioned to the task of leading them by the Spirit. An organic church is a church where every member is individually developed to become all they were created and destined to become in the Lord. Each individual is spiritually developed to become a functional member of the body of Christ on earth, in whatever capacity it may be. There is no jealousy or strive among members and no fear that one may “outperform” the other. All understand that it is God Who chooses to work in and through them and it is a joy to each one to see others growing and excelling in the Lord. Diversity in operations of individual Gifts is recognized and celebrated! An organic church breeds people for the ministry. Their purpose is not to grow in size, but to grow in numbers by releasing people to grow and establish the Kingdom, rather than hoarding them in and clamping them down. A true organic church may grow in the number of people it affects and leads into the Kingdom, but should never grow in the size of its congregation. In other words and the organic church is not a mega church, but a mega move of God. Finally, a true organic church belongs to no one, except to the Lord! Its leaders claim no rights to it and do not attempt to brand it or to coupe it as being their possession or property, nor as having the right to “run” it. They labor in it and among their fellow brethren, treating the work as being God’s and their brethren and sisters as being God’s property and not their own. An organic church is not controlled by men but governed by the Holy Spirit through Spirit-led leaders. Therefore a true organic church will never hold onto people who feel the need to move along, but will gladly release them to go at any time, without trying to control their decision or hold them down.


These characteristics guide us towards the essence of a church that is truly governed by the Holy Spirit, and as a result, also a church of uncompromising Truth and unfeigned Love! Any individual that has truly yielded him or herself to be fully possessed by the Spirit is an individual that is firstly and formerly filled with Love – Because being filled with God is being filled with Love! The same is true for any body of such believers who would gather together to worship in the Presence of Love!


Jesus teaches His disciples that the one thing that would set them apart in this world from everyone else and from every other religious order, will be the reality of the Love of God manifesting through them and among each other. “By this”, He says, “they will know that you are My disciples if you have Love one towards another”.


As we follow the Love trail of the first church, we discover that one of the very first-fruits that were evidently worked out through them, after being filled with the Spirit of Love, or the Holy Spirit, was that they sold all their possessions to assure that none of them lacked or had any need! What an incredible testimony to the Words of the Lord Jesus! What an incredible display of the Love of God!


What is Love?


Well firstly it is important to understand that this Love, this supernatural Divine Influence upon the human soul that would cause it to behave so other-worldly, so indifferent to man’s natural instincts and flawed nature – That this Love (capitalized and Personalized!), is not of our earthly origin or our personal ability – But that this is the Author of Love – God Himself! That comes to so indwell and possess the human soul, that we become all but Heavenly beings, being transformed by His very Presence overtaking us and His very Character, Nature and Personality consuming us.


Because this Love is God, Alive in us, filling us to overflow with His Agape (His Supernatural Spirit-Love), the very first evidence or proof of His Life in ours is that we become as He is in all we do and say on earth. We become the very radiant expression of His Being, mirroring His Image and Glory from Heaven to earth – We become a little piece of Heaven reflected upon the earth, shining forth the rays of His Glory and Light into this world.


The first evidence of us being truly filled with the Love of God is our Oneness with God – Our total conformity to all He is, all He says and all He does. We find ourselves living in total agreement with Him, with His Word and in harmony with the rhythms of His heart, which signals His momentary expressed will into ours. We are at total peace with God; absolutely nothing pleases us more than to live pleasing to Him. Nothing thrills us more than to live in perfect accord with Him and to do His will upon the earth. He becomes our Passion and our First Love, for Whom we are prepared to cross land and seas, to please.


The organic church is nothing less than this, corporately!


The organic church is a church filled with Agape! Filled with the expression of all God is. It is a church filled with those who have this burning passion burning within them!


When we enter this life personally, we begin to live our lives in the Spirit – We are awakened by God to become aware of His constant everyday communion with us, and we begin to understand His communication to us. This causes us to begin living our lives led and governed by the Holy Spirit, Who daily teaches and guides us into His will for our lives. We become sensitive to His nudges and begin living in an atmosphere where we learn to understand His way of communicating with us. Dreams, Visions, and prophecy (Living Word spoke from His heart to ours), become easily discerned, as we become more acquainted with living life in the Spirit realm.


We begin to yield ourselves more to the Holy Spirit, seeking and desiring for Him to lead us more, communicate with us more, and to reveal more of His Glorious Presence in our lives – We want to learn more of Him every day and want Him to reveal Himself to us and to us in a greater way – Sharing His Glory and unknown mysteries with us in secrets about Himself whispered into our hearts. We long to have a relationship deeply hidden within Him.


From the bedrock of such personal pursuits of God, we find the cradle for the organic church to emerge!


You see, the organic church is a Spirit-filled, Spirit-loving, a Spirit led company of believers, joined together as the church, who desire to no more than to be led by the Holy Spirit, to be taught by the Holy Spirit and to be the expression of the Spirit!


They are of “one heart and of one accord”, just as in the book of Acts. They have one purpose, one Vision, and one desire, and that is to be LED of the Spirit upon earth and to become the expression of all God is, by allowing Him to express Himself in and through them – They want to be vehicle through whom God may express His Life on earth and be made visible.


So what does this mean in practical terms of gatherings and worship?


Firstly it means that no programs can exist, that programs really becomes the enemy of these people, who want nothing more and nothing less than God and His unrestricted Presence and expression in their midst. It means that meetings are committed by all for the sole purpose of allowing His Presence and Person to prevail in whatever way He chooses to reveal Himself. It means that there is no room for personal itineraries, no room for chitchat, no room for announcements, no room for speeches. It also means that there is no room pre arranged practiced songs, or any human order as to how the meeting should unfold – Just a yielding of all to Him and a yielding of all to His Presence – Once He comes, He directs the meeting, He leads the worship, the songs, the prayers, the Word – It's all in Him, from Him and in the moment with Him – The Holy Spirit in ministry and in expression!


Of course, this does not exempt leadership in the Spirit. Of course, this does not mean that there is no Spirit-order in what happens – In fact more so than ever before! The difference is this – Rather than having the rule of order from man, and having man dictate what is to happen when and how – The order prevailing in such meetings is governed by the Authority of God Himself, with a holy and reverential fear prevailing in His Presence – people are too aware of Him to talk out of turn – they KNOW He is there in the midst of them and no one dares to interfere with His work! In such meetings, the Love of God is overwhelming, His Presence soul-melting, and so is the reverential fear of God also overwhelmingly felt within that atmosphere of  Love!


As a result of a church so filled with God and in the expression of His Person, ‘self’ and all its natural attributes, such as selfishnesses, self-will, self-ambition, self-confidence and the likes, are diminished as the Love of God supernaturally begins to prevail and to possess the hearts of men and women. The result is a Acts chapter four – A church so filled with God, that it has no more room for private concern. In such an atmosphere everything in the Bible begins to Live in us, because its Author begins to live through us.




When we read Paul’s letters to the church of his time, we find them to be a constant admonishing for them to remember how they first received the Gospel, to remain in the Spirit Life and to continue to subdue the carnality among them to the government of the Holy Spirit, both privately as well as corporately in their meetings.


Every letter is reminding them and warning them to remain in the Spirit-Life of Christ and to continue to allow Christ to express Himself in them and through them. So are the letters of Peter and John and the others we read from – They all warned, admonished and reminded the saints what it truly meant to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led, and how to live a life organically led of the Spirit!


The organic Spirit-led life and the organic Spirit-guided church was God’s plan right from the very beginning, it still is His plan for today! May He gracefully lead and bless us to rediscover the ancient paths that will lead us back into becoming all He predestined us to be in the world we live in, and to become that at the present time we are living in that world, no matter what the year of our Lord may be.