New Fellowships

Are you interested in beginning a fellowship?


The present time we are living in is seeing thousands of people leaving traditional places of religious worship. There are a number of reasons for this great exodus. Some are leaving for the right reasons and others because of the fruit that a system void of the Presence of God and the leading of His Spirit has produced in them.


The former is leaving because they recognize that the system has become a place where God is no longer to be found. That entertainment, shallow (and even false) teaching has become the standard and order of the day, and that a system void of God’s influence has returned to its carnal roots, with a worldly view and driven by the flesh has become a man-made money hungry machine that never gets enough, feeding the frenzy of greedy leaders who wish to reach the highest rung on the ladder to success, using the ministry as a business vehicle to achieve their own ideas, passions and greed for recognition, wealth and honor.


The latter are simply leaving because they have grown cold and distant in their relationship with God and have been so far removed from His Presence that they have found a place of being at peace in their sin, while still believing that they are every bit as saved as anyone else. The poor deceived and deluded folks are the product of the false teachings of hyper grace and eternal security proclaimed by a religious order looking out for their own interest and tickling the ears of their listeners in order to achieve their own goals. These teaching ultimately produces a rebellious spirit that refuses to submit to any kind of authority or correction, seeing themselves as being justified and “judged by God only”. This rebellion leads the to later become rebellious to the very ones leading them and to break away, in many cases to start their own “church” based upon the same wicked teachings that have been planted in them as seed in the very places from which they broke away.


Fellowship of the Believers does not support this latter group in any form or way, and we certainly do not agree with their message at all.


We are supportive of those individuals who are true in their worship of God and who truly seek to be led and guided by His Spirit. Who intend to change, and to do so constantly, as the Holy Spirit works in them and as they grow into a deeper and sweeter fellowship and relationship with Christ Jesus.


This group of individuals are growing by the day, and are many times seeking a place where they would be able to find the right balance between intimacy, uncompromised Truth, the reality of God’s Spirit and Power and the Love of God freely flowing and shared among His people.


If you and your family are such individuals, we would like to invite to consider the possibility of beginning a fellowship in your area, where people just as yourself will be able to come together to worship together in the Presence of the Holy Spirit.


This may seem daunting at first glance, but trust me, it is far easier to do than what you may consider it to be!


You do not need any special qualifications other than having the right motive to begin such a fellowship.


We will like to hear from you, contact us without any obligation to find out more about beginning such a fellowship with our help and support. We have a number of fellowships that are currently running and will safely guide you through the process. We also provide those who plant such a fellowship with the initial foundational teaching material and assistance to successfully launch and lay the much-needed foundations right from the beginning.


We could gladly assist or answer any questions you may have.



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