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How do I change?


So many struggle with issues and want to change -

But how?


The Head and the body


Every body needs a head!


Peace I give you! 


So many desire it, and yet so few find it. But

what is peace in reality, and how do we know

when we live in God’s kind of peace?


Christ in you, YES! - Christ through you ...?


Christ lives in us, but does He lives

His Life through us also? What's the difference?


Understanding the Lordship of Christ


Understanding what it means when

Jesus is the LORD of your life!


The Heart of our Vision 


Understanding Fellowship of the Believers.


Why a "Fellowship"?  


Why should I begin or join a 'fellowship'?

Understanding "church" - God's Way!


How to begin a New Fellowship 


How do I begin? What do we do the first time

we get together? How will our meetings be?


Practical Problems


Practical problems and issues that may arise in

a new fellowship, and how to avoid them.


A Love Union!


God's intension with marriage.


Like a River that flows


Understanding our God's relationship with us.


Expressing Christ


Learning how to live a life that expresses God's Glory.


The Love Message


Living the Gospel Message.


Oneness with Christ


The Lord has graciously shared one of the most life transforming

revelations with us in recent years – The Revelation of Oneness

with Christ.


Discovering the true walk in the Spirit


Over the years we have heard a lot about “walking in the Spirit”,

but what does it really mean? And more importantly, how does

one “walk in the Spirit?”


Living the Christ-Life


The Holy Spirit wants to live His Life in and through you, here’s how!


The Agape life of fellowship


Jesus identified one main characteristic that would set His disciples

apart from all others on earth. By this one thing He said men would

know those who are His disciples.


This one thing was Agape (the Love-flame of God’s Own Person)

that would consume them. The world would see God’s Nature,

Character and Personality expressed through them and among

each other. They would become completely otherworldly.




Prophetic Articles -


A Bride, a corpse & the vultures!


The demise of man-made religion and its religious institutions.


The Vision of Acts chapter 29


The coming reformation.


The Dream of the planting of a New Tree


God’s latter day church planting.


The New Apostolic Season


Rediscovering the essence of being Christs body on earth.


The Fellowship of the Believers


Building the true organic body of Jesus Christ.







































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