5 Things That Are Changing - Fast!



There is an awakening and a coming out from what has been falsely presented as the church over many years. People are becoming aware that religious organizations and denominations were never God's plan or role-model for His people, but the creation of man's own hand.




Those who truly seek to be led by the Holy Spirit are leaving traditional religious places of worship, unsatisfied with the norm of religion and seeking for a place where they may have more of God and of His Presence, and where they may grow in the Revelation of Christ.




The traditional religious institutions are becoming more and more liberal in their preaching and more compromised in their ideology.


Their programs are also becoming more and more about man made entertainment than God working Himself, and their preaching more about God serving man and his need to be comfortable, rather than the man living to serve and obey God.




There is a great thirst among true believers for genuine and Authentic Word and Spirit Revelation from Heaven. People want to hear from God. They want to grow personally in their walk with God.




God is busy launching a new Apostolic movement across the earth - A new mission upon which He is sending commissioned and Authorized leaders, whom He has chosen to represent His Kingdom in establishing His will to bring about this work of the Holy Spirit on earth. These new "apostles" (or sent missionaries in service to their King and mission) are tasked produce an apostolic work and to produce an Apostolic people on the earth. In other words, they are sent to establish a new work of the Holy Spirit on earth, fresh from Heaven and unstained and untainted by anything man has produced, to be pure and to bring people to the unpolluted waters of true worship and experience in the Holy Spirit.  They are sent to establish something new, fresh and pure, where people can freely grow in their experience and knowledge of the Lord!


There's a death of the old and new Life being given by the Holy Spirit.