4 New Things That Is Coming

The four new things that God will share in revelation with His Spirit-filled church in the coming season.



There are four new revelations coming to the latter day Spirit-filled church in this present season -


Oneness with Christ


The Lord has graciously shared one of the most life transforming revelations with us in recent years – The Revelation of Oneness with Christ.


Discovering the true walk in the Spirit


Over the years we have heard a lot about “walking in the Spirit”, but what does it really mean? And more importantly, how does one “walk in the Spirit?”


Living the Christ-Life


The Holy Spirit wants to live His Life in and through you, here’s how!


The Agape life of fellowship


Jesus identified one main characteristic that would set His disciples apart from all others on earth. By this one thing He said men would know those who are His disciples.


This one thing was Agape (the Love-flame of God’s Own Person) that would consume them. The world would see God’s Nature, Character and Personality expressed through them and among each other. They would become completely otherworldly.